April 27, 2022


APRIL 27, 2022 AT 6:00PM

Please see the meeting agenda on our website at www.chesterrecreationnj.org

Call to Order

The Recreation Committee of the Borough of Chester will hold Regular Meetings by in Person means commencing monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 6:00 pm at 50 North Road to discuss or act upon public business. These meetings will be open to the public remotely until further notice. Meeting agendas will be posted on the Borough’s website at www.chesterrecreationnj.org.  This information has been sent to two newspapers, posted on the Borough’s website, posted at the municipal building and available from Borough hall, 50 North Road, between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday by contacting the Recreation Director, Daniel Hesse by email at recreation@chesterborough.org or  908.879.3660 x2134.

Roll Call

  • Lisa Gurzo
  • Kathy MacDougall
  • Sharon Holman
  • David Guarino

Salute to Flag

Approval of Minutes –March 23, 2022

Old Business:

  1. Website revamp feedback
  2. Summer concert Series
    • Thursdays:
    • 6/30 Asbury Fever (old-school rock)
    • 7/7 Monkeys Shoulder (old-school rock)
    • 7/14 New Moon Rising (country)
    • 7/21 Alternative Groove (old-school rock)
    • 7/28 Good Works Band (Motown-funk)
    • —when can we start advertising – May – Signorama signs 
    • —list of country songs for the band to cover

      3. Movies in the Park

    • How many / what day of the week?
    • We’re planning to show 2 to 3 movies this summer 
    • Do you want to keep the Thursday momentum going and do movies in the park Thursdays in August? Or would another evening be better?
    • FYI first day of school 08/24/22 so possible Thursday showing would be 08/04 & 08/11
    • Time and who will be attending
    • Sunset 07/01/21 8:10pm – Sunset 08/01/21 8:30pm
    • The movie will have to start between 8:00-8:30pm and will run until about 10-1030pm What age group do we expect to be at this movie showing time?
    • Location – Grove Street Park amphitheater?
    • Have we historically had a movie in the park at Grove Street or municipal field? Is there something we have to discuss or notify with the neighbors because of the noise?

      4. Scouts/Schools/Volunteer Opportunities

    • Girl Scouts (Elise, Shea, Grace, and Brook) are seeking Girl Scout Silver Award opportunities to do a library box (suggested by the Gazebo at Municipal Field) – library of books for all ages, including a defibrillator, and would be funded by the girl scouts.
    • George Kaparis IBCP Grove Street Project proposes:
      • New sand in sandbox
      • Powerwash basketball court
      • New planters with flowers at different locations around the park (locations are TBD)
      • New sand for volleyball courts
      • Weeding of the playground and tennis courts

New Business

      5. Chester Rec Newsletter-may

      6. Chester Day final Details:

    • Saturday:
      • 9:30-9:45am: Kick-off & briefing – Volunteers arrive to municipal field where Ken/Environmental will give instructions to each site
      • 9:45-10:00am: Travel to service project sites, share final project details, distribute supplies, answer questions, etc
      • 10:0am-12:30pm: Work at project sites, finish time may vary slightly by project 
      • 12:30pm: site work ends 
      • 1:00: Dan/Rec arrive at municipal field. Set up Chester borough table with banner / t shirts for sale. Set up cotton candy and popcorn. Mr. T and friends arrive at 1pm. The slide arrives at 1pm to begin. 
      • 2:00pm: Slide starts at 2pm. Caricature artist arrives to begin on field (provide a table for him next to the rec tent). 
      • 2:15-2:45pm: Bill the juggler set.
      • 3:00 – 5:00pm: Mr. T and Friends play 
      • 5:00pm: conclusion wrap up
      • 6:00pm: close down
    • Roles of each of our committee members can volunteer for and or any other volunteers:
      • Cotton Candy (2-3 people)
      • Popcorn (2-3 people)
      • T Shirt Sales at Rec Tent (1-2people)
      • Slide attendant (1-2 people)

      7. Movies in the Park

    • Create a schedule of dates
    • Decide on what movies to view
    • Other vendors for these programs? 

       8. Recreation Programs at the Chester Area Pool

Next Meeting May 25, 2022 at 6pm at Borough Hall 

Meeting Adjourned