November 17, 2021


November 17, 2021 AT 6:00PM

Please see the meeting agenda on our website at or meet us in person at Grove Street Park. 

Call to Order

The Recreation Committee of the Borough of Chester will hold Regular Meetings by in Person means at Borough Hall, 50 north road commencing at 6:00 pm to discuss or act upon public business. These meetings will be open to the public. Meeting agendas and details for public participation will be posted on the Borough’s website at This information has been sent to two newspapers, posted on the Borough’s website, posted at the municipal building and available from Borough hall, 50 North Road, between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday by contacting the Recreation Director, Daniel Hesse by email at or  908.879.3660 x2134.

Roll Call

  • Lisa Gurzo
  • Heidi Seebohm
  • Kathy MacDougall
  • Sharon Holman
  • Bob Nines 
  • Daniel Hesse – Chair Person
  • Margaret Nordstrom – Administrator 

Salute to Flag

Old Business:

  1. Art Program events –  nov 16th, 30th, dec 14th  / Family history book program
  2. Grove Street Park – questionnaire – ideas – sent 10/22
  3. Chester Area Pool – questionnaire – sent 10/25
  4. CSI workshop 11/1-2
  5. Halloween Pumpkin Painting 10/29 – Thanksgiving craft 11/19 – Lisa
  6. Disc Golf proposal – Heidi 

New Business

  1. Winter Programs/ events, sports (tai chi, us sports – tennis, multisports, kids soccer), built by me stem fall programs, CSI Workout Nov 2nd 9-4 at fieldhouse, Music Together Wednesdays and Thursdays, GG Leagues 
  2. Halloween events, great pumpkin weight guessing, ceramics / crafts at fieldhouse, Halloween event on Oct 29th. 
  3. Christmas Tree Lighting (dec 5th) / Menorah Lighting Nov 30th 
  4. Senior services – busing, programs at senior housing location, card groups, kid volunteer groups (must be vaccinated), senior bus trips – lunches
  5. Review reorganization of 2022 and confirm dates 

Next Meeting December 22nd , 2021 at 6pm

Meeting Adjourned